Congratulations on your decision to pursue a GED!  This website will provide links to more information about the GED exam, as well as links to sites on the internet where you can begin to prepare for the exam and assess your readiness to take the final GED exam.

**Please Note!  You must go to an Official Test Center to take the final exam.  It is also very helpful to attend classes offered through your local Adult Basic Education program, as you prepare to take the exams.  However, the sites linked here may help you as you prepare.

Below are the links to additional information regarding the GED.  For sites for online study, click on one of the tabs above.  Each focuses on the websites that target the skills in one individual test.

SPECIAL NOTE TO TEST-TAKERS!  A new form and format of the GED was released on January 2, 2014.  If you started taking the 2002 test battery, those scores are now defunct, and you must begin testing in the new format


 GED Testing Service

Use this link to access My GED where you can find a test center and schedule a test. You can also learn more about the GED with links from this page.


Minnesota State Department of Education - GED Information

This will link you to the State Department of Education's GED page.  There are several helpful forms on the page.  If you are looking for the closest test center, click on "General Educational Development (GED) Testing Center Directory 2010".  If you would like a copy of your GED, or need it sent to an educational institution, click on "GED Records Request Form and Instructions".


If you have questions or a website to suggest, contact:

Marty Olsen

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